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08 Jun '18

MemorialDESIGNER 2018

2018 has been quite a year thus far for MemorialDESIGNER!  Early in the year we were invited to MBNA in Texas to demonstrate MemorialDESIGNER against the three most widely known design solutions.  The feedback has been incredibly overwhelming.  We had our first Users Group!  StoneSpot Connect by MemorialDESIGNER is currently in Beta.  CorelDRAW 2018 was released and we've released an update for MemorialDESIGNER as well.  Below is a video showing just some of what's new!


01 Jul '14

MemorialDESIGNER News

Posted by Cameron Moore

We are hard to work on the latest update for MemorialDESIGNER.  This update includes:

  • MemorialDESIGNER Docker: The new MemorialDESIGNER Docker now includes new and improved features for Panels, Spacing and Granite Colors:

Standard Panels are now incredibly fast.  We've added the ability to change multiple panels at once.  You also now have new customizable settings for things like hard line and bar line sizes.  You can also now create panels around text and space the text automatically.

Spacing has now been re-written to be much faster and works within the docker without the need of a panel.

Granite Fills are now in the MemorialDESIGNER Docker so they can be off to the side and not over your design.  Hovering over the color pops up its name for a nice clean look.

  • New Granite Colors:  We have added over 50 new colors in new higher-resolution fills.  The granite colors now include: American Black, American Rose, Autumn Rose, Bahama Blue, Bellingham, Bethel White, Blue Pearl, Canadian Laurentian Green, Canadian Laurentian Pink, Canadian Mahogany, Carnation Pink, Cat's Eye Brown, Cat's Eye Red, Chestnut Red, China Crey Fine, China Grey Coarse, China Pink, Cloud Grey, Colonial Rose, Colorado Rose, Confetti Black Coarse, Confetti Black Fine, Coral Blue, Dakota Mahogany, Dark Cloud Grey, Dark Impala Flash, Ebony Mist, Emerald Pearl, Flash Black, Galaxy Black, Georgia Blue, Georgia Grey, India Black, India Red, Jet Black, Labrador Antique, Maple Red, Medium Barre, Missouri Red, Mongolian Green, Mountain Red, Mountain Rose, New Imperial Red, Night Black, Paradise Green, Paradiso, Pine Green, Pink Pearl, Rainbow, Red Multi Color, Salisbury Pink, SD Pink, Seashell Pink, Silver Cloud, St. Cloud Gray, Sunset Red, Tan Brown, Tropical Green, Wausau, White Marble

  • 64-Bit Support: MemorialDESIGNER is now fully compatible with machines running CorelDRAW X6 64-bit.  This means that you can design even faster and fully utilize your newer hardware.
  • Bug Fixes: We have fixed a few minor bugs and made minor enhancements to some options.