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Growing up as a third-generation member of the monument industry I fell in love with memorial design.  In the beginning there was not an option for purchasing a design program for designing a memorial so we found an incredible fledgling graphics program CorelDRAW and began to modify it for the needs of our industry.  MemorialDESIGNER is the culmination of more than 25 years of development.  It was used in-house for all of our own sales. 

In 2005, along with my father and one of my brothers, I purchased the monument shop that I grew up working in.  Being the owner of a small monument shop I have had the experience of doing most anything you would need to do in the business: sales, design, setting, paperwork, sandblasting, hand-etching, marketing, laser-etching, cremating, and even taxes.  Of all the many hats that could be worn memorial design was my passion. 

In 2008 I started to offer MemorialDESIGNER to other monument shops that were also in need of an amazing design system.  What had worked for us and served us so well for all of these years would certainly benefit those in other areas.  Being able to design a memorial in full-color while the family watched and participated was an incredible experience and honor.

In 2011 we closed the monument shop and completely renovated the building to relocate my wife's Child Care Center, Kerry's Playschool.  I am incredibly grateful and excited to see her dreams come true and at the same time I now had the opportunity to focus on sharing my talents and what we had developed with the monument industry, and making it even better.  Additionally, I have been blessed with the ability to create custom artwork for both sandblast and etching. 

In 2012 I started doing business as MemorialDESIGNER, offering both the software and my services as a designer.  Built on the incredible foundation of a now-very-robust CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, MemorialDESIGNER is the best solution for designing memorials that exists.  I am dedicated to making it even better and improving what it has to offer. 

In 2014 I started building the MemorialDESIGNER website.  I am excited for the ability to offer designs and other things available for purchase and download.  The site is still in its infancy so be sure to return and see how it grows.

                                                                                                                           - Cameron Moore


2010 Carob Ave.
Cheyenne WY, 82007